Incredibly sharp and thoughtful beings from across the globe have taken advantage of new tools and platforms to advance distributed ledger technologies with intense alacrity, efficiency and application. The technology and communication avenues of today were not available when the Internet took off – but they are now. Arming thousands of interconnected web natives and app savvy digital creatives tired of Web 2.0.  They have even made it easy for the layperson to understand through practical application. Ben Corpus NCAA Texas Baruch College

The good folks at MIT have built a prototype for non-techies to take a stab at building their own blockchain in a very simple, user-friendly interface on their web site.  Given the need for us to shift the angle of our conceptual perspective and our mind-set to digest this very different approach, I highly recommend watching the quick clip, and then noodling through the exercises to make a hash and build a block.   The exercise is great practice for memory recall and broader understanding – and the more we understand, the better we will be able to explain and communicate the nature of this new technology.  Click here to dive in.

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